The first step: the static restoration

Today the urgency is to make Villa Barbaran partially usable and open to visitors.

Making it partially usable.

In this first phase, the main objective is to capture people's interest, letting them appreciate the historical, environmental and artistic value of the Villa. To achieve this, it is necessary to make the building open to visitors.


To date the villa has several dangerous points. First of all, some beams of the floors are deformed and have deep indentations, therefore it is necessary to carry out structural interventions in order to be able to use them safely.

Minimal installations.

In order to allow people to enter the villa and appreciate its details, we want to install a lighting system for the construction site, to visit it even in the evening. Furthermore, a first water system is important to favor the works.
In the nineties, Villa Barbaran underwent an initial restoration. The structural and architectural interventions concerned the south block and were suspended a few years later by the Superintendency for Architectural Heritage and Landscape.

In 1998 the project was authorized in amnesty, but the interventions were never resumed.

Today the Grassi family, owner of the site, wants to invest resources and energy in the project. An ambitious project, which in a first phase consists in the static restoration of the villa. The short-term goal is therefore to make up for the serious maintenance deficiencies of the building. 

Arch. Barbara Zattra performed an accurate analysis of the building and, in this first phase, we plan to intervene in six areas: frescos, systems, roofing and masonry, floors, exterior and foundations. 

At a later stage, the most substantial renovation will be carried out, which will restore luster to the villa and includes the construction of a space for events and four residential units.



Roofing and masonry


External Facades


An ambitious project.

In the future, the goal is to revive Villa Barbaran and bring it back to its former glory, thanks to events and a residential part.

Event space.

Two different areas. On the ground floor about 490 sqm will be available for weddings and parties. This area will be equipped with a kitchen, several dining rooms and five bathrooms, as well as a porch for serving refreshments. On the first floor, on the other hand, the 300 sqm area for conferences and events will be divided into two meeting rooms, a cloakroom and four bathrooms.

Housing units.

The final project involves the construction of four elegant apartments, available for the guests of the villa. Three of them develop between the ground floor and mezzanine, with an area of approximately 200, 250 and 120 sqm. While the fourth apartment will be located on the first floor, covering an area of 188 sqm.

Outdoor spaces.

The lot on which Villa Barbaran stands has a total area of 7731 sqm, of which 795 are roofed. The outdoor spaces will be used as parking and green areas that will contribute to enhancing the beauty of the site, re-proposing and recreating the typical spaces of the rural courtyard of the past.

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