The Frescos of Villa Barbaran

The added value to the building

Current state: a first pre-consolidation and cleaning action has already been carried out on the paintings, but all the frescos are to be restored and partly to be discovered because they are covered by dull (white surface paint).

Objective: consolidation of the plaster and the pictorial film.
Villa Barbaran was embellished, in the second half of the sixteenth century, by the frescos created by the famous Veronese painter Domenico Brusasorci, decorator of Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza, a building designed by Andrea Palladio in 1550.

The wall paintings of the villa of Nanto portray pagan subjects, including a cycle of cupids. There are also many landscapes portrayed on the walls of the building, along with figurative and mythological scenes, cherubs and little angels that protrude from monochrome frames.
The frescos are found in different rooms of the villa, starting from the entrance and, in particular, in the rooms on the first floor. Some of the building's wall paintings have already been the subject of consolidation interventions in 1989, but currently most of the decorations are covered with several layers of dull. 

In these environments where the works are still covered, appropriate sampling is foreseen to establish the extension and the execution period.

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