Roofing and masonry

A first intervention to make the villa usable

Current state: The masonry is made with irregular stones, sometimes interspersed with the presence of brick bricks, not very connected to each other. This results in a low resistance value of the same, with the danger of crumbling. The roof, made up of wooden beams, is in some cases in poor condition.

Objective: to complete the roof of the villa, increasing links and reciprocal connections between the wooden elements and the underlying masonry structures. It is also necessary to increase the resistance of the building box, to ensure greater seismic resistance.
The proposed masonry reinforcement interventions are aimed at the restoration and repair of deteriorated and damaged elements, improving their mechanical properties and therefore their resistance to seismic phenomena. In carrying out these works, the presence of numerous frescos must be taken into account to preserve them as much as possible.

These are necessary interventions as currently the wall elements do not have the adequate safety margins that ensure the use and accessibility of the building.
In regards to the roofs, given the state of conservation of the wooden beams, it is proposed to replace them with others, always in wood. We therefore want to maintain the same construction type to ensure an elasticity similar to that of the underlying wall structure. 

Another planned intervention is the increase of the connections and reciprocal connections between the wooden elements and the underlying masonry structures, with the aim of avoiding sliding and detachment in the presence of horizontal actions.

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