Interventions for the reinforcement of the foundations

An operation performed at “La Fenice” theatre in Venice

Current state: the geological reports have highlighted a discrepancy in the thickness of the covering soils, the deviation of the canal that flowed near the south wall, the presence of out-of-plumb walls, the execution of old renovations and the alteration of the hydraulic state of the underground.

Objective: to make the building usable and open to the public, it is necessary to increase the width of the foundation foot, in order to distribute the load over a larger surface and reduce the contact pressure in the ground.

The foundations in the current state of things are loaded by the weight of the load-bearing walls and floor and roof floors. Making Villa Barbaran usable and open to the public means slightly increasing its agents, both permanent and accidental.

The geological reports carried out have shown that the first two layers of the soil have low mechanical characteristics and therefore the foundations are not sufficient to withstand an increase in load. A larger foundation foot width is therefore required.
The proposed solution is to create reinforced masonry curbs in correspondence with the frescoed rooms and concrete in the remaining parts, alongside the existing foundation on both sides. A steel reticular beam will be built parallel to the East wall of the first floor (on the internal side) which would allow the columns to be unburdened by several tons and therefore to remove the infills that currently support the arches. 

This is the same operation performed during the restoration of “La Fenice” theatre in Venice.

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