Harmonious balance between past and present

The restoration project of Villa Barbaran in Nanto (VI)
A fragmentary and complex history, result of numerous stratifications. 
Villa Barbaran boasts a great artistic value 
and is characterized by the use of Pietra Gialla of Nanto. 
A jewel to be restored to its former glory.

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Grassi Pietre, in collaboration with TRE ERRE INGEGNERIA and with Arch. Barbara Zattra, aims to bring the oldest residence in the area to its former glory. 

An ambitious project to which you can actively contribute.

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The static restoration

A first step to make Villa Barbaran accessible

Villa Barbaran was built towards the end of the sixteenth century, commissioned by the Paduan Bonfi Family. The plan of the villa consists of numerous intercommunicating rooms, arranged in a “C” shape around the central portico. The site is located in Nanto (Italy), at the foot of the Berici Hills, in a harmonious balance with the landscape.

The architect is unknown, but the magnificent frescos were executed by the Veronese painter Domenico Riccio better known as Brusasorci (Verona, 1516 - Verona, 1567). A characterizing element in Villa Barbaran is the use of Vicenza stone, in its Giallo di Nanto declination. Vicenza stone is a material particularly appreciated for its purity and resistance, used in the Renaissance by Donatello and especially by Andrea Palladio in Venetian villas, considered among the most representative works of Italian architecture in the world and UNESCO heritage sites.
The restoration project envisages in this first phase the safety of the villa to make it usable by visitors. The primary analysis has in fact revealed strong deformations and deep indentations of the trusses, in particular to the structural nodes in contact with the outdoor.

The renovation includes six areas of intervention in this phase, starting with the consolidation of the pictorial film and the plaster of the frescos. We would like then to create a lighting system to permit the visit during the evening and a piping system to provide the water. Regarding covering and masonry, in this phase the roof will be completed, with wall consolidations that ensure seismic improvement. The garrets will be largely removed and replaced; foundations are to be consolidated. Finally, for the outdoor, the project envisages an initial pre-consolidation of the Vicenza stone.

The long-term project involves the construction of four residential units and a space for collective use (for weddings, meetings and events). The outdoor spaces will contribute to enhance the beauty of the site by re-proposing and recreating the atmosphere of the rural courtyard.

Three players, one goal

Competence and experience for Villa Barbaran’s restoration

TRE ERRE INGEGNERIA SRL is an engineering company operating in in the civil construction sector through the design and construction management of civil, industrial, commercial and infrastructure buildings, with specialization in structural aspects.
Architect Barbara deals with design, construction supervision and safety coordination in the workplace, both in private construction and in public works, an area in which she has conducted numerous professional experiences.

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Contribute to the restoration of Villa Barbaran

Our will is to restore Villa Barbaran to its former glory. An ambitious project, which starts from the bottom. In this first phase we want to secure the building to make it usable.

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